BBMC stands for Beats Babes Music Collective. We are a two piece Hip Hop Duo, featuring lyricist MC Dopenicity and vocalist/lyricist Molly Ohhh, combining new wave R&B with the “gold” school lyricism and hard beats that helped make hip hop legendary. Homegrown from Colorado, BBMC keeps it fresh and is the amalgamation of east coast, west coast, new school, old school and 30+ years of hip hop. Watch and listen as Molly Ohhh lays down a verse while Dope runs the bass and if youre lucky, you’ll also get to see a BBMC rendition of musical chairs on stage. And if the music wasnt enough, keep tabs on BBMC for its BABES! We work with some of the realest, most down to earth babes, finding inspiration and motivation through our artistic collaborations. BBMC strives to build a collective of many forms of art by supporting other local artists and building the local community. 

meet the musicians


mc dopenicity

Founder. Rapper. Songwriter. Lyricist. Bassist. Photographer. Videographer. MC.


Vocalist. Lyricist. Songwriter. Rapper. Violinist. Photographer. Performer. 

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